MTNL Loan Code Number | MTNL Talktime and Internet on Credit!

Hello MTNL customers This article is for those MTNL users who is having low balance in there Sim. And looking to get MTNL balance or internet services on credit. You can get MTNL services on credit by dialling MTNL loan code number. MTNL also have eligibility criteria for availing loan that must be fulfilled. Let’s see how to get MTNL loan.

MTNL Loan Conditons:

MTNL users can get MTNL talktime loan if they fulfill the following conditions.

  • You have a prepaid number.
  • You have a number that is older than 90 days.
  • Your MTNL talktime balance is low.
  • You have no outstanding loan and non-negative balance.

How To Get MTNL Talktime Loan in Your SIM?

MTNL user can avail talktime loan from their operator by dialling following USSD code. To get MTNL services on credit you just have to dial the following MTNL loan number from your phone.

MTNL Loan Number: coming soon

Unfortunately, there is no information about MTNL loan service yet.

How To Get MTNL Internet Loan?

If you are a prepaid user, you can take MTNL internet loan when you have low or no data pack remaining. To get Internet service on credit you have to Dial MTNL internet loan code.

MTNL Internet Loan Code: Coming Soon

Unfortunately, there is no information about MTNL Internet loan service yet.

Conclusion and final words!

  • You have to repay this loan amount to your Telecom operator with a processing fee extra.
  • Also, you have to pay Rs. 2 or 3 rupees extra on a loan of Rs 10. You can check your MTNL balance here.
  • Most of the time you have to return this amount within 24 hours otherwise they will detect whatever amount you will have in your number.
  • Also make sure to recharge your phone as soon as possible otherwise you will soon have negative balance and no loan facility because of negative balance.