How to Check TalkTime, SMS and Internet Balance in Airtel Number?

Hello Airtel users, do you want to check your Airtel balance? Are you looking for Airtel balance check code number for Internet? Do you want to know the remaining SMS balance on your Airtel number? Then just dial the following Airtel USSD codes for balance checking.

How To Check Balance in Airtel

How to check your main balance in Airtel?

All Airtel users – those who want to know their Airtel balance can Dial one of the following Airtel USSD code. You just have to click following Airtel balance checking number to dial it right now.

Airtel Balance Check Code Number: *123#

Now if your Airtel main balance is low and you need to call someone then consider the following options.

  • Dial Airtel loan code number and get talktime balance.
  • Borrow balance using Airtel balance transfer.
  • Recharge your Airtel number using recharge coupon card.
  • Do an online Airtel recharge.

How to check Airtel Internet balance?

Airtel offers 2G 3G and 4G Internet services in India. Today offers different USSD codes to check Internet balance in 2G 3G and 4G networks. You just have to click on the number on our website to dial it.

How to check 2G balance in Airtel?

Airtel offers 2G Internet service in India. If you are an Airtel customer who wants to know their Internet balance in 2G then Dial the following Airtel code.

Airtel Balance Check Code (2G data pack): *123*7# or *123*10#

How to check 3G Internet balance in Airtel?

Hello Airtel customers, If you are using 3G on your Airtel mobile number then dial one of the following Airtel USSD code to know your 3G Internet balance in Airtel.

Airtel 3G Balance Check Code: *123*11# or *129*08#

How to check 4G balance in Airtel?

Dear Airtel users, do you want to check your 4G Internet balance in Airtel? Then Dial the following Airtel balance checking code number. You just have to click on the following Airtel number to delete right now.

Airtel 4G Balance Check Code: *123*19# or *123*191#

How to check SMS balance in Airtel?

Hello Airtel users, if you are still using SMS and once you know your SMS pack balance then dial the following Airtel USSD code.

Airtel Balance Check Number (SMS): *123*7#

Final words – conclusion

  • If you want to check your Airtel balance without dialing any USSD code then there is a simple trick. Just make a short call to your friends are family and then disconnect it. As soon as the call gets disconnected a popup message with balance details will appear on the screen.
  • If you want to check your Internet balance then there is also a trick. Just connect your phone to Internet for few seconds and disconnect it. A popup message with remaining data balance will appear on the screen automatically.
  • Well for SMS balance checking there is no trick. You can dial the above mentioned SMS balance checking number or you can send sms and wait for the popup message to appear with details. If you are using SMS for day to day communication then you should consider switching to instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp Line or WeChat.
  • If you are looking for more Airtel codes then you will find our list of Airtel USSD codes useful. If you are looking for something that isn’t available on this page then feel free to call Airtel customer care.